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I'll take the hassle out of writing for your business, giving you more time for everything else​

  • I find writing for my business hard
  • I want to write for my business but can't find the time
  • I want to drive more customers to my website
  • I'm scared of starting a blog
  • SEO is a foreign language to me
  • Writing takes me so long I can't do anything else
  • Inbound and content marketing are just jargon to me
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How I can Help You

Copywriting Services​

Cut the hassle and generate more website traffic with my SEO and copywriting services for small businesses.

Training and Consultancy

Become a better writer with guidance on content strategy, writing confidence, and more.

Written Branding

Branding is about more than your logo. Helping you to find your voice, understand your audience, and write more consistently.

What People Are Saying

Martin Huntbach Founder of Jammy Digital

Neal has a unique ability to adapt his writing style to any sector. This tailored approach is the main reason I will continue to hire him to write for my clients. I run a digital agency and deal with many different industries so it's important that I have someone I can trust to produce high quality content every time. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Neal to anyone else!

Tony Brown Business Systems Strategist and Author of Standard Procedure

I used Neal's services in early 2016, when I was writing my book Standard Procedure. Neal was very professional and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that a thorough job was done. I felt like he had taken ownership of the project with a sincere care for the final product. I would recommend Neal's service and I will certainly be working with him again on any future writing projects I do.

Chris Cox Former Digital Manager, Rethink Mental Illness

Neal is hardworking,articulate, thoughtful, diplomatic and loves good marketing - definitely an asset to any organisation. I really enjoyed collaborating with him at Rethink Mental Illness and am sure he will continue to make a big, positive impact at other organisations.

Neal M. Brown headshote

Neal M. Brown

Chief Content Officer

About the Author

Hi, I'm Neal and I'm the Chief Content Officer here at Vitality Copywriting. I've spent the last ten years working in marketing. 

I'm here to help you with your writing problems.

  • Don't like writing? Great - I love it!
  • Find SEO scary? That's okay, too. 

Hire a copywriter: ​I can help you solve your writing problems, and help your business grow.

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Direct Mail Copywriting

Brilliant Publications
  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Product page copywriting
  • Blog writing

Blog & Content Writing

  • Keyword research
  • Blog writing
  • SEO Optimisation

Book Editing

Tony Brown, Standard Procedure
  • Structural editing
  • Line editing
  • Proof reading

Campaign Management

Time to Change logo
  • Marketing planning
  • Advertising script writing
  • Case study writing
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