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Direct Mail Marketing Case Study – Brilliant Publications

Brilliant Publications is an independent educational publisher committed to creating resources that make teaching and learning enjoyable and rewarding for both teachers and pupils. I worked for them to produce a direct mail marketing campaign for a new book series: Painting is a Class Act.

The Challenge

Develop a direct response marketing campaign to launch a new book series called Painting is a Class Act. The campaign would raise awareness and increase sales of the new book series.

Direct Mail Marketing leaflet for Painting is a Class ActThe Solution

I wrote the copy for, and designed a sales letter and leaflet that shared the benefits of the book series with primary school teachers. The direct mail marketing campaign was targeted at primary school teachers in the United Kingdom.

Services provided

Competitor Research

We researched our competitors to identify the key drivers that make our customers buy. This insight also helped to make sure that our direct mail marketing campaign would stand out from the generic marketing campaigns produced by other publishers.


We brought the book series to life through our copywriting, showing primary school teachers how their pupils could benefit from using these textbooks. The copy for all elements of this direct mail marketing campaign were aligned to emphasise these points throughout the campaign.

Graphic Design

We designed a leaflet that highlight the benefits of the book series to teachers, and their pupils; and addressed the problems they faced in the classroom.

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