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We don't charge standard rates. We just don't believe in charging a set amount regardless of what work we carry out.

We believe that each project we undertake is personal, and therefore that just slapping a price tag on devalues your products or services.

When you choose us, we will give you a personalised quote based on the level of research, time, and technical nature of your project. Your quote will be as unique as your project.

But we also know that won't help you to choose us for your next copywriting project, which is why we have shared some guideline figures below:

Guideline prices

Website starter kit – from £750

We will research and write 5 web pages (for example: About, Contact Us, Meet the Team). The exact pages will be open to negotiation, but will be restricted to standard content (i.e. will not include blog posts or articles).

We will carry out market research into your industry, which we will share with you on completion. This will include a keyword analysis to identify what potential customers are searching for, and a competitor analysis (both within your industry and the local community) to help position you within the marketplace.

Tone of voice development from £500

Your tone of voice is the branding for your writing. We will help you to create a tone of voice that will ensure that your written work will be consistent across all platforms. We will write a set of tone of voice guidelines that will help any writer to write with your brand’s voice.

Article editing £995 / 4 weeks

Have you already got your blog posts or articles written? We will edit your articles to make them accessible and SEO-friendly for your website. This is based on a 2 hour turnaround for each article: 45 minutes keyword and subject matter research, and 1 hour and 15 minutes editing the content accordingly. This is open for negotiation based on the length of the articles to be edited, and the quantity of articles to be edited per month.

Consultation session £200 per hour

If you are looking for help and guidance in improving your copywriting, marketing strategy, or content marketing efforts, then I can work with you on a consultancy basis. This includes preparation work and follow-up resources so that the whole one hour session can be spent helping you solve your content problems.

Writing for your podcast consultation from £750

With our consulting service we will spend 2 hours researching your niche, finding out about your potential audience, your competion, and your website. We will then spend 5 hours with you working specifically on putting this research into practice. Our training includes:

  • Keyword research to identify future show topics
  • What makes a good iTunes title?
  • How to write an engaging podcast description
  • What to include in show notes

Book editing from £700

We will proofread your latest work before it goes to the publisher, to remove all of those annoying spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This is based on a 20 hour project.

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