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Your Written Brand – the Missing Part of Your Branding Efforts?

Are you missing the most important part of your brand? You've got a logo, a colour scheme, and a fancy website. But there could be one part of your brand that is missing – and it's missing from most small businesses. That missing part is your written brand.

When I talk about your written brand, I'm referring to your tone of voice. If you don't have one, you could be missing out on customers, sales and profit for your business.

Take some time to read these resources I've created on tone of voice.

Resources about your written brand from my Learning Centre

There are two ways to develop your written brand: integrated and add-on.


With an integrated written brand, I will work with the people who are developing your visual identity. By developing your written brand alongside your visual brand, we can make sure that both can work together, effectively.


By developing your written brand as an add-on, I will work to develop your written identity to align with the visual branding that already exists. While the results won't be as strong as when integrated with your visual branding, you can still get good results through this option. We'll work closely to ensure your written brand works with your visual brand.


Before we start working together, I'll schedule a one-hour consultancy call. It's important for us to spend some time together before we commit to a long-term project. This call will cost £250 + VAT, with the cost deducted from the project budget, if we agree to go ahead.

A written branding project can cost between £3,000 – 7,000 + VAT.

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