Why You Shouldn’t Work with Me as a Freelance Copywriter

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Neal M. Brown headshot - freelance copywriterI love writing and I love helping small businesses grow. This process works best when we are partners, client and freelance copywriter, working together towards your goals.

But like any relationship, sometimes we won't be a good fit. And that's okay. Working with a freelance copywriter is an investment, and we both need to be comfortable with our relationship.

6 reasons you shouldn't hire me as a Freelance Copywriter

1. You can't afford it

Copywriting is a skilled business. It has taken years of training and getting it wrong to hone my skills. And I am not afraid to admit that. It is those mistakes which have made me a better copywriter.

a) Hourly rate

If you want to pay an hourly rate for a freelance copywriter, then it won't work for me.

Why? Hourly rates are incredibly inefficient. When you pay an hourly rate, part of that spend goes into recording the hours spent and setting up new processes for time- tracking and invoicing.

I want to be able to simplify my processes, so that I spend more time writing and less time looking at time sheets.

My experience means I should know how long a project should take, so I can calculate this upfront. If I get this wrong, and the project takes longer – the risk is on me.

b) Pay-per-word

If you want to pay-per-word, it's just not going to work for me. Pay-per-word copywriting often works out at less than the national minimum wage – and is definitely won't help us to keep the lights on at HQ.

Pay-per-word copywriting is so cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you want something quality writing, a pay-per-word model is never going to provide it.

If you want to work to either of these pricing models, I'm afraid I'll be swiping left.

2. You don't work in the English language

While I can speak un peu de français, and can get as far as Ich habe keinen Hund in German, I'm just not capable of copywriting in any language besides English.

While I can adapt to American, Australian or Canadian English, you may prefer to work with a native speaker who wouldn't need to adapt their language.

3. You want a freelance copywriter in your office for the length of the project

I have limited capacity. As a result, I am not available for certain projects that require weeks in your office. Personally, I've set a limit of 5 days as the longest period I would be able to commit to.

Any longer than this, and I would suggest you look for a Temp (temporary) copywriter, rather than a freelance copywriter.

It's just too early for that level of commitment – I haven't even met your mother yet.

4. You want a freelance copywriter available 9 – 5

If you want a freelance copywriter who will be available 9 – 5 every day, that's not going to be me. Freelancing means that I have more flexibility than a traditional worker – sometimes I work before 8am; sometimes I work after 8pm. Some days I don't work at all.

Please don't misunderstand me. If I need to be on a phone call with you between 9am and 5pm we can agree a time.

5. You want a ‘Yes Man' (or ‘Yes Woman', or ‘Yes Person')

I have been working in marketing for the last fifteen years. I've learned a lot in that time.

I am also comfortable being challenged, and being tested. And this is great when it's done in a respectful manner, with the aim of making the project better.

If we challenge each other, then the end result will be much better. But, I'm not one for being kept ‘under the thumb'.

6. Your business doesn't meet my ethics code

There are some industries that I refuse to work with, because my personal views clash with their aims. Examples of this include the arms trade and oil companies.

Now, while I specialise in small business copywriting and charity copywriting, I'm unlikely to find enquiries from people working in those industries. But, if you are a small business that produces firearms then we aren't going to be a good fit.

If it sounds like we are a good fit, maybe we should go on a first date.

Want to take our relationship to the next level? Then call me, maybe?
Neal Brown

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