What is Tone of Voice? A definition

If you've just started thinking about your business' written identity, then you may have come across the term Tone of Voice. It's understandable to be a little confused, as for the uninitiated the definition is not obvious. On many occasions I've been talking to people about their business branding, and get referred to an audio expert when I start talking about Tone of Voice. In this post I'm going to clarify what is Tone of Voice.

What is Tone of Voice?

Tone of Voice is an element of your business' branding.

It is part of your written identity.

It is what makes the writing for your business consistent, enforces your values, and displays your brand's personality.

And it is a part of branding that most small businesses overlook.

Imagine a situation where you have six staff members all writing content for your business.

Are all six of those writers reflecting your business' personality? How would you know?

Your Marketing Executive has just written a blog post, but your Digital Editor has problems with it. Who is right? How would you know?

A Tone of Voice will help you to overcome these problems.

Tone of Voice guidelines provide a set content standard that your content writers can follow to ensure consistency.

They provides examples of how you use language in your business (do you say 8 or eight?), again ensuring consistency.

How can I find my Tone of Voice?

If you're looking to develop your own tone of voice, then you're in luck. I've written a couple of posts that would be relevant:

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